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Please READ the following instructions:

  1. This Plagiarism Checker is using Turnitin Software to check the originality of assignment/ project paper/ dissertation or thesis.
  2. When an assignment / project paper/ dissertation/ thesis is submitted to Turnitin, an Originality Report will be produced.
  3. An Originality Report is an indication of similarities between a piece of work submitted by a student and a database of previously submitted work, websites and other sources.
  4. Please check Turnitin submission link in your course page before submitting in Plagiarism Checker ‘September 2021’. This link is meant for the courses that HAVE NO TURNITIN LINK SUBMISSION set up in the course page and for the LATE SUBMISSION cases.
      • For the courses that have NO TURNITIN SUBMISSION setup in the course page, please check your similarity index and download the similarity report here. Once downloaded, go to the submission link in the course page and proceed with the submission. 
      • For the LATE SUBMISSION, please check your similarity index and download the similarity report here. Once downloaded, submit to the late submission email provided by the School.

This course as a reference for School Executive and Lecturer on how to backup and restore a course in new moodle platform.


This course is compulsory to be taken by all Academic Facilitators and passed. 


This training guide is designed to introduced you the basics of using myPLS as part of your learning.

This template as reference for Schools to follow myPLS new structure.

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User Manual to Change Password

by Admin User -

If this is your first time login into the new version of myPLS. You can access the new myPLS at the following links:

myaeu.aeu.edu.my (via Single Sign-On)

mypls.aeu.edu.my - Please use the given password in User Manual before changing to your own preferred password.

Kindly refer to the attached User Manual.

Thank you.

Best regards, 



by Exam Unit -

Dear ALL,


1) Please be informed that the examination results for May 2023 Semester are available to be viewed in the Student Portal / myAeU by Friday, 8th September 2023.


Congratulations to the successful students.


2) Kindly click the ‘Assessment Services’ link and then ‘Transcript’ link to view and download the examination results. Please feel free to email to tech-support@aeu.edu.my if you have any technical problem.


3) For 'Incomplete' status (May 2023 Semester), kindly e-mail to exam@aeu.edu.my

Please also take note that some results are expected to be released earliest by the next month (due to unforeseen circumstances).


4) If you have submitted your assignment(s) after the deadline given, you will expect to have an ‘I’ or ‘Incomplete’ in your result. In this case, you need to wait till the next round of examination results of at least another month.


5) If you have forgotten your username and password to login to Student Portal, kindly email lsc@aeu.edu.my


6) If you wish to make appeals on your results, please refer to


[page 47-48 or page 62-63] of the Students’ Handbook for the procedure.

Please submit your appeal to exam@aeu.edu.my within 10 days of the release of this results. Late appeals will not be entertained.


7) Please also be informed that students who will be taking the deferred examination (‘I’ Status or Incomplete Status) or applied for re-sit examination in September 2023 Semester Examination (final examination date on 8th - 10th December 2023) will need to pay a re-sit examination fee (RM90 per subject for postgraduate and RM45 per subject for undergraduate).

Academic Calendar for September 2023 Semester as per below link:



8) For Graduating Students, please check and ensure that your name in the Student Portal has been spelled correctly as this will be used in the final official certificate. Any amendment, kindly send an e-mail to records.registry@aeu.edu.my immediately.


9) Please also be informed on the charges [any changes in Student Records (Campus Management System or Student Portal)] as followings:

The new students will be given only one semester to do any correction (Student Records) in the Student Portal (myAeU) without charges. Any correction/amendment, kindly send an e-mail to records.registry@aeu.edu.my immediately.

(a) Within 1st Semester after registration - No charges will be incurred by students for the change.

(b) The charges as per General Announcement dated 18/12/2020 under title: ‘New Charges on Error in Student Records’.


10) Students are also advised to register the subjects properly (pay the outstanding fees) in every semester. Otherwise, you will not get your examination result.


Thank you and best regards.
Assessment Centre



Dear Students, 

Please be informed that the SEPTEMBER 2023 semester re-enrolment is open starting on Monday, 21st August 2023

Please carefully plan and decide on the courses to register for your September 2023 semester.

Please note the important dates as follows: 

1. Last Day of Re-Enrolment

  • Sunday, 8th October 2023 (Week 5) for current students
  • Sunday, 22nd October 2023 (Week 7) for new students

 2. Subject Registration for September 2023 semester

a. Week 1 to 4 (4th September – 1st October 2023) : 3 Subjects

b. Week 5 to 7 (2nd October – 22nd October 2023) : 2 Subjects

c. Week 8 to 10 (23rd October – 12th November 2023) : 1 Subject


3. Deferment / Withdrawal Study / Drop Subject Request Period

(Please take note of the Percentage of Tuition Fees being charged)

  • Week 1 – Week 3: 0% (no charge)
  • Week 4 – Week 7: 50%
  • Week 8 onwards: 100% (No refund) 

For students who have not yet settled their fees for May 2023 semester please do so immediately to avoid any untoward repercussions. Please liaise directly with Finance Department on your SOA. 

Kindly refer to the Academic Calendar and Academic Timeline 2023 uploaded on the AeU Website for easy reference with regards to Add/Drop Subject, Deferment of Study, Withdrawal of Study & Deferment of Examination policies. 

Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at records.registry@aeu.edu.my 

Thank you and all the best in your studies. 



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